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FishMe provides the best Seafood Tools

At FishMe, they have all the tools you need to enjoy your seafood. From oyster knives to fish bones tweezers, there is now an easy way to prepare your next delicious meal – and a little more pollution.

Remove the bones very quickly and easily with our fish tweezers while leaving the piece complete. Or open the oyster shell to expose the soft flesh inside with the skill of a skilled fisherman using our heat knife. With FishMe, it is possible to offer delicious seafood that looks as good as it likes.

Features of tweezers

  • Long lasting – Our oyster knives are made of High quality stainless steel
  • Ergonomic – designed to fit right for left or right users.
  • Handy design – Attractive design of wooden handle that fits snugly in your hand and does not slip
  • Total Strength – Strong enough to slide open oyster shells in seconds without much effort


Fish bone tweezers serve as a kitchen tool that removes fish bones accurately, reliably and, above all, easily, so that nothing will interfere with the full enjoyment of the fish. Tweezers are ready to remove chicken feathers, for example. Their ergonomic shape makes them fun to hold.

Importance of tweezers

Having fish bone boards is important for two reasons: First, you can remove the bones more quickly and easily with fish filters than with any other kitchen tool.

And second, you can get the job done while leaving the good fillet intact. We know that those clean fillets are not cheap. Self-harm and make them look bad and ruin your poached fish meal is the last thing you want.

With a good quality pear of fish bone pliers, you can clean your fillet fine with a few simple steps:

  • Place the fillet in your skin-side work area and feel the bones.
  • Once you have found the bone, grab its head with tweezers and remove the bone, gently pressing the flesh onto the bone of the pin. When pulling bones, follow the ‘character’.
  • Repeat until all the pin bones are in the fillet.

What to Consider When Buying Fish Bone Pliers

Like knitting knives, fish bone packs are specially designed to release the bones of your fish accurately. you can’t just grab random tweezers and expect it to pull out all the pin bones in the fish fillet.

You need a good pair that is strong enough to hold the bone and pull it out completely. Leaving part of the bone in the fillet is one of the worst things that can happen.


Fish bones tweezers should be made of materials that are resistant to rust, strong. Stainless steel tweezers are the most popular.

In some fish species, the bones may show more resistance. Therefore, you cannot work with badly designed tweezers made of intermediate materials.

Jaw Type

You can find fish bone pliers with different types of jaws.

Some fish bone tweezers have jaws with a needle nose. These sharp jaws have sharp tips. You can use this type of tweezers to hold very small pin bones.

Timber with sharp jaws is especially useful when trying to remove short or broken fish bones.

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