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How To Diversify Your Business with Alcohol Delivery

Alcohol delivery is gaining popularity among consumers for its convenience, especially when planning social gatherings. For dining establishments and bars all over the world, alcohol delivery might be the way to go for reaching out to new audiences stuck at home due to the pandemic. This approach capitalizes on the growing number of individuals who are choosing to dine fancy at home. Afterall, alcohol has long been a great food pairing medium as well as a great way to unwind in the comfort of your home.

Curate Your Drinks Menu

Based on your existing menu, offer your best-selling drinks that can be delivered. Some drinks that can easily be delivered include bottled craft beers, canned beers, popular labels, and bottles of wine. Also, consider what drinks can be bundled together, for example in terms of the food they pair well with or the cocktails that can be created with them.

Craft an Alcohol Pairing Food Menu

Many people often find food to accompany their drinks. Based on your current menu offerings, craft a food menu that customers can order to go with their drink delivery. Here are some food and alcohol pairings that you can consider for your alcohol delivery menu. For beer, fried foods such as chicken wings and French fries pair excellently. If you’re a fine dining restaurant with a wide selection of wines, foods you can include on your alcohol pairing menu include cured meats and a variety of cheese.

Give Your Customers an Experience

Some people may feel that ordering takeout is not the same as eating in. Bring the same dining experience to your customers through creative methods. For example, while you may not be able to deliver regular cocktails, you could offer a DIY cocktail making kit. Alternatively, a simple inclusion of plastic cocktail or wine glass could elevate their drinking experience.

Another important consideration to provide your customers with a good experience is ensuring your delivery packaging is aesthetic. Doing so might encourage your customers to take a photo and share it on social media. Not only will this serve as promotion for your company but also make them feel as if they are getting the same experience as they would have dining in at your establishment.

Inform People of Your New Service

Let people in your community know about your new service by handing out flyers to your existing customers. If you have an email marketing system, send out regular emails to alert clients of upcoming promos, discount rates, or occasions. Alternatively, you can attend any community events to distribute materials or collaborate with a local brewery and include their offerings in your service. This could be a mutually beneficial partnership that allows you to tap into their existing customer base.

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