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How to make a quick and tasty Aloo Matar Roll?

Rolls made with atta Rotis are simple and wholesome meals that are filling and quick to make. A roll usually consists of a base filling of seasoned vegetables and an outer layer of chapati/or Roti made with Maida or Atta. Rolls are extremely popular in India and are made at home and even commercially sold by street vendors too.

Rolls make eating vegetables fun, and most children love having rolls for lunchtime. There are some popular roll variations that make for the perfect lunch recipe for kids and adults alike. They are Paneer roll, Aloo Mattar Roll, Egg Roll and Chicken Roll.

An Aloo Mattar Roll is one of the simplest and tastiest rolls to make and all you need are a few kitchen staples! If you want to increase the nutritional content of your roll, bring out as many veggies as you can and load them up with a bit of cheese for the tastiest Aloo Mattar roll ever. In this recipe, we will use AASHIRVAAD Atta, a high-quality whole wheat atta that is sourced from the best fields of India. We will be using AASHIRVAAD Atta for making soft and fluffy Rotis which will act as the roll material for our dish! Check out the AASHIRVAAD Atta 5 kg price here. In addition, we will be using frozen matar, ITC Farmland Frozen Green Peas in our mix of veggies for a flavourful and yummy experience.

Recipe Information

  • Time taken: 30 minutes
  • Serves: 3


  • 2 cups AASHIRVAAD Atta
  • Ghee
  • 1 cup ITC Farmland Frozen Green Peas
  • 1 tsp Red Chilli Powder
  • ½ tsp Turmeric Powder
  • Salt to taste
  • ½ tsp Cumin Powder
  • ½ tsp Coriander Powder
  • Cumin Seeds
  • Ginger Garlic Paste
  • Chopped Green Chillies
  • Chopped Onions
  • Chopped Capsicum
  • Chopped Carrots
  • Grated Cheese
  • Pudina Chutney
  • 5-6 Boiled potatoes
  • Oil


  • Take your pack of ITC Farmland Frozen Green Peas and let it thaw. Once thawed, boil the green peas and set it aside
  • In a cooker, boil 5-6 potatoes
  • Take Aashirvaad Atta and mix water along with a dollop of ghee to form a dough and set it aside for 10 minutes and proceed to make Rotis.
  • Once Rotis are cooked, apply a layer of ghee on either side of every Roti and set aside
  • Take a pan and heat oil in it till it cackles, then add cumin seeds, chopped green chillies and chopped onions till they cook and turn pink
  • Now add ginger and garlic paste. After a minute, add green peas, capsicum, boiled potato, and carrots to the pan and mix
  • Now add the spices and salt and let it all cook
  • Keep mixing the veggies till they are cooked and covered with the spices and make sure to not let the masala stick to the pan
  • Once done, add some grated cheese and turn off the heat.
  • Take the Rotis and line the inner sides with a spoonful of Pudina chutney and then proceed to add filling and wrap the filling with the Roti
  • Repeat this for all Rotis and your Aloo Matar Rolls are ready!
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