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How to serve fries at your restaurant and takeaway. Check if you are doing it right

French fries are a favorite side dish served in restaurants. Just as there are many types of fries, there are many ways to serve them.  You can pack them in a French fry box, in a fries packaging, stuff a stick and serve them like a skewer. Which way to choose? Is it better to bet on cardboard boxes for fries or on cones? Check which fries container or fries packaging is the most practical and why.

French fries container to take away, for delivery, and at the restaurant

Packaging for French fries is perfect for both takeaway and on premises. Regardless of whether you offer the option of ordering food for delivery or you serve them only on premises – the appropriate fries packaging will make it easier for you to serve them in an aesthetic and convenient manner for your customers.

What does it mean to have an appropriate French fries paper holder? Such that meets your needs, is practical and aesthetic. Such that ensures comfort of eating, comfortable transport, does not negatively influence the served content. Before you decide to purchase a specific fries packaging, check which solutions will best suit your needs.

Boxes for French fries in eco version

Cardboard trays and boxes are certainly a much more ecological solution than serving French fries on plastic plates. When deciding on a particular type of packaging for gastronomy it is worth betting on solutions safe for the environment. More and more often customers pay attention to the products used by the restaurant and evaluate it in terms of being eco-friendly. It is worth taking care of the planet. And at the same time for your image.

Tray or box for French fries? How to serve Belgian, classic, or crinkle-cut French fries

French fries container comes in various shapes and sizes. Restaurants that serve French fries often choose cardboard trays. They provide both convenience of serving and freedom of eating. They will serve virtually any kind of French fries, fried potatoes, and potato balls. However, while trays work great in a restaurant, serving food in them for delivery is quite a challenge.

A perfect solution for the delivery option is a carton for French fries with a practical closure. It effectively protects the fries during transport and allows them to reach the hands of the ordering party intact. The material from which the boxes for French fries are made often has a special protective layer. Thanks to it, the packaging does not absorb fat and is resistant to stains.


Container for fries in the form of a bag

What are the advantages of a paper bag for French fries? First of all it is extremely light and it is perfect when we want to place the packed portion of fries on top of a burger box or a bucket filled with golden pieces of chicken. The bag will fit exactly as many fries as there should be in the portion, thanks to which the bag is properly filled and appetizing in appearance.

The French fries envelope, cone, or bag fit perfectly in your hand. They are the most convenient way to snack on fries while walking along a promenade. Light and handy. Thanks to them you can serve the dish to take away and easily separate the fries from the rest of the dish.

Skewer sticks for twisted fries

It has been over a decade since twisted French fries on sticks appeared on the catering market. Despite the fact that time has passed, the fashion for this method of serving still lasts. This interesting solution has become part of the Street Food menu and is eagerly chosen by the fans of potato delicacies. Properly cut potatoes, fried on a stick and served with spices can be served both in restaurants and as take-away.

Regardless of whether you serve traditional fries, twisted fries or more unusual fries made of topinambur and sweet potato – choosing the right packaging for your fries is crucial to the success of your operation. The envelope, tray, and box, in order to serve their purpose, should be appropriately sized for how you want to serve your fries. Also pay attention to their workmanship. The quality and type of material, protective layer, and aesthetics are of great importance. Properly selected packaging will effectively protect French fries in transport, maintain their proper temperature and desired crispness.


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