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Ido Fishman Reveals Time-Saving Cooking Hacks

Sometimes, cooking hacks can actually turn out to be the difference between spending a few minutes in the kitchen, and spending an hour. The fact is that a boring kitchen task can become a 100 times faster with a good cooking hack. But, what are these hacks? Ido Fishman has revealed some time-saving cooking hacks here that can help just about anyone speed up their kitchen work:

  • Roast garlic in the microwave instead of an oven

If you want roasted garlic, you can just combine water, olive oil and garlic in a bowl and microwave it for about 7 minutes. This gives you the delicious of roasted garlic without the cooking time of 45 minutes.

  • Place butter under a warm glass to soften in

Fill a glass with hot water to warm it up, dump out the water and then put it over a chunk of cold butter. The butter will become soft after a minute or two and you can spread it easily.

  • Microwave mushrooms before you sauté them

According to experts like Ido Fishman, microwaving mushrooms before sautéing them can get rid of all the excess water so they will be able to cook in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

  • Microplane garlic and ginger rather than mincing

This makes things a lot easier and quicker rather than using a knife for mincing.

  • Hull strawberries with a drinking straw

Straws can be the perfect tool for you to remove the hulls gently from the strawberries without wasting too much of them.

  • Microwave potatoes before you roast or fry them

To cut down your cooking time, Ido Fishman recommends that you microwave potatoes for about four minutes before you fry or roast them, as this will give you a head start. Plus, it also ensures that they come out tender and nice.

  • Use an apple slicer for making potato wedges

If you don’t have great knife skills, you can simply use an apple slicer for making great potato wedges. It takes half of the effort and makes it appear as if you are great with a knife.

  • Use a water bottle to separate eggs

One of the best hacks that you will come across on the Ido Fishman blog is using an empty water bottle for literally sucking up the yolks in the egg without breaking them. It takes only a few minutes, so it saves you a lot of time.

  • Opt for an electric hand mixer to shred chicken

Shredding chicken can take time, but you can cut this down by using an electric hand mixer for doing so. It takes only a couple of minutes and does a great job. Just make sure the chicken is warm.

  • Peel kiwis with a spoon

Want to peel kiwis in a waste-free and quick manner? All you have to do is slice off the ends of the kiwi and then run a spoon around the outside.

  • Ripen bananas by baking them

If you want to ripen hard bananas, Ido Fishman suggests that you should bake them in the oven for 25 minutes until they become dark and soft on the outside.

  • Place hard-boiled eggs in a glass of water and shake them

Want to peel off hard-boiled eggs? All you have to do is place them in a glass with water and shake. The shell will slip off magically, but the egg will remain undamaged.

  • Attach a paper plate to your hand mixer to avoid batter splatter

All you have to do is pop in two holes on the paper plate and slide it onto the mixer. No more worrying about batter splatter once you do that.

These are some great cooking hacks that Ido Fishman has shared to help people in saving some of their time while cooking and have a fun experience when doing so.

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