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Is Foie Gras Safe To Eat When Pregnant?

Foie gras is very famous and luxurious French cuisine. That is why you might be wondering if it is safe to eat foie gras for a pregnant woman. Many things should be looked at before opting to eat foie gras, especially during pregnancy. It should be noted that most versions of foie gras are considered unsafe for pregnant women.

Foie gras increases the risk of listeria. To avoid this risk most pregnant women are advised to essentially only consume foie gras which is fully cooked or fully pasteurized. It is unfortunate because this will exclude many types of foie gras. Foie gras for pregnant woman should always be cooked, even though foie gras is a cuisine which will not always come cooked. Most often you will find this cuisine to be almost uncooked or semi-cooked i.e pan-fried or seared.

A safe type of foie gras to consume when you are pregnant is the Foie Gras en conserve and here is why:

You will certainly be disappointed by how much you have to deduce from the menu when choosing the type of foie gras to eat. But ultimately one type will always be a safe choice and that is Foie Gras en conserve, which is also called preserved foie gras.

This type of preserved foie gras is very easy to spot because it is usually not in the fridge. If you are buying this online then it won’t be in the “perishable” category. This type of foie gras for pregnant women is pasteurized and therefore it is shelf-stable. It will sometimes be sold in cans which will be labeled as “cut” (meaning cooked) or “mi-cut” (meaning semi-cooked).

But most commonly preserved foie gras is sold in jars or some type of Kilner preservations pots. This makes it safe to enjoy during pregnancy. Make sure you eat it in moderation, otherwise its high-calorie count and fat, as well as cholesterol content, may adversely affect you.

Bottom Line

Foie gras translates to “fat liver”, therefore the name itself suggests how unhealthy this item can be for pregnant women. At the same time, foie bass for pregnant women can be an excellent choice if eaten in moderation due to its being a good source of selenium, vitamin B12, vitamin A, copper, and iron. Therefore, you can consume only preserved foie gras during pregnancy, and that also in moderation.

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