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Spain Orange? Meet the almighty opponent!

There is no question about it. Spain holds over 25% of the global export market of oranges, which is approximately 1.5 Billion dollars in market value. However, this article will shed more light on the benefits Israel can introduce to the global orange market.

Israel’s Orange Market

Israel is a small country compared to Spain. Still, it is also known for its strong foothold in the global orange market, with plenty of benefits to offer the world. In fact, the citrus industry in Israel has existed for over 150 years. If we go back to approximately 1845, Israel exported 200,000 oranges to Europe. In less than 30 years, it increased to almost 40 million exported oranges!

Fast forward 150 years later, Israel exports Oranges to many countries, mainly to Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. Israel also exports oranges to North America (Canada and the United States).

So what makes Israel the almighty opponent to Spain oranges?

Like Spain, Israel has the optimal climate and agricultural conditions for growing citrus fruits. Oranges need cool winters and hot summers to get that sweet, bursting with flavour and sweetness throughout the whole year. But that’s not enough. In order to get that indistinguishable beautiful orange colour, oranges need plenty of water, long days of the Mediterranean sun, fertilisers, and pruning for growth. An orange tree will need over 30 days of 32-degree C to maintain the firmness and freshness of its fruit. On the other hand, the winter climate in Israel is ideal for limiting leaf growth (with fewer sun hours and maintaining days below 18 degrees), ripening, and allowing longevity of the fruit.

Israel also offers premium soil for growing a permanent tree crop. However, some experts suggest that high-quality soil doesn’t exist in every country. Accordingly, this is one of the competitive advantages that help Israel gain a strong foothold in the international Orange export market.

Israeli Citrus and Oranges are in Full Swing now

According to the USDA, estimates show that orange produce export volumes from Israel will continue to grow at an average rate of 18% over the coming years.

But it’s not only the soil and climate conditions that make Israel an exporter of tasty fresh fruits. Thanks to the traditional, hard-working style of Israeli farmers and superb shippers who understand that time equals freshness and quality.

According to “Negev Produce,” a local producer and exporter of fruits, they expect growing demand and high prices to continue driving the continuous growth in orange production from Israel.

Covid has brought many changes in our everyday lives, and one of them is the demand for more Citrus and Oranges. As a result, people are more aware of their immune system and understand they need to strengthen it. Accordingly, this has increased their consumption of products that contain vitamin C.

Negev Produce Orange

Negev Produce is an Israeli-based company taking advantage of the global annual market’s 15% growth in demand. The company exports citrus, small radish, carrots, different elite potatoes, and avocados.

The company has made it its mission to become a player in the international market. Negev Produce offers 9 types of oranges that create a stream of 11 months of constant marketing. However, thanks to the unique growing methods and adaptation to the local climate, we offer oranges the right size and of the highest quality.

The company focuses its worldwide marketing efforts in dozens of countries in Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, and the US, amounting to approximately 50% of its overall sales.

Who knows? Maybe the next time you eat a delicious orange, it could be from one of the Israeli oranges exported by Negev Produce.

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