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The Best Ice Cream Paper Cups: What’s Behind Them

Ice cream is a favorite treat for both children and adults. It is trendy in summer when you want not only to eat something sweet but also to cool off a little. This delicacy is served in cafés and restaurants in bowls. But more often, ice cream is still eaten on the go, requiring convenient packaging.

The waffle cup was the first to be invented. It performs the function of a container well and is also eaten with pleasure. But its production is not a simple matter, but everything is much simpler with paper. And it is this that most ice cream producers use as the primary type of packaging.

Advantages of a paper cup over a waffle cup

There are numerous pros to paper ice cream cups:

  • The production of a waffle cup requires special equipment. It, together with the cost of ingredients, significantly increases the cost of the finished product, which can affect demand. Paper cups, in this regard, are much more cost-effective.
  • The shelf life of wafer cups is limited. Adherence to specific rules and regulations during transportation and storage is essential. After all, they can crack or deform. Paper cups do not have an expiration date.
  • A paper cup can be used as an advertising space, putting a company logo on it, which you can’t do with a waffle.
  • The paper cup ensures complete tightness. With it, you can not worry that the ice cream will melt and flow onto your hands and clothes. But with waffles, you need to be constantly on the alert. In a humid environment, it may soften and no longer be able to perform its functions. You will have to swallow the ice cream very quickly or transfer it to another dish.

Paper cups have several other significant advantages. They are made of environmentally friendly material and do not emit substances harmful to the human body. They are easy to recycle and do not pollute the environment.

Paper cups have become the main packaging option for portioned ice cream. But when packing this delicacy weighing 500 mg or more, polymer containers, cling film, foil, or several materials are combined more often.

Varieties of cups

You can buy glasses of different shapes and sizes. Paper containers are not wet from water and cold food so that they can be safely filled with ice cream and liquid sweets.

The ice cream paper cups are used to sell takeaway desserts. Some varieties are equipped with lids, which are very convenient and allow you to transfer food into them without any problems. Products are made following environmental standards: the material is recyclable and decomposes quickly. Gone are the days of uncomfortable paper utensils. Now you have an excellent opportunity to order high-quality cups made of durable paper, which will favorably emphasize the image of your establishment.

Main characteristics

Paper cups for ice cream can be bought in any quantity necessary for your needs. Today, paper products are an excellent alternative to traditional packaging. Products have several advantages:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • the possibility of recycling;
  • affordable cost;

The manufacturer offers to order paper cups for ice cream in bulk and use them for serving desserts. Frozen yogurt with pieces of fruit, in addition, scoops of ice cream of different flavors with additives on top, fried ice cream — all of this can only be found in paper cups. Naturally, paper cups cannot wholly replace waffle cups, but it is worth noting that they still have their fans and can fully act as a new alternative.

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