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Your Taste Buds Are Craving For Causeway Bay Dim Sum, Do Not Agonize It Anymore!

Some people can have Chinese all round the week and three times a day. Do you belong to that category? Chinese is something you cannot have enough of it. You cannot ever get done with Chinese because it is so tempting. Have you ever come across a person who can say that it is done with Chinese? You have not, and you never will.

There are so many dishes available that you can keep trying and craving for more and more. If you manage to find the finest Chinese restaurant, then there is nothing like it. Anytime you wish to eat Chinese, you can go to 銅鑼灣 點心 In the article, you shall know something more about your favorite Chinese cuisine. Are you excited? You surely should be.

Explore the unknown-

You might have tried various Chinese dishes, but you do not know that there are four major types of Chinese cuisines. Let’s know these-

  • Chuan Cuisine (SzechuanCuisine) – full of spicy seasoning that shall make you go mad behind it. Chilies, cloves of garlic, etc. used extensively.
  • Lu Cuisine (Shandong Cuisine) – makes use of historical cooking methods.
  • Su Cuisine (Jiangsu Cuisine) – famous for aquatic dishes.
  • Yue Cuisine (Cantonese Cuisine) – known for skillful techniques of frying, stir-frying, stewing, etc., to achieve the desired tenderness, crispiness, and happiness.

Whichever new dish you try, make sure you know the origin and type.

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