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The 04 Best Seafood Lunch Ideas

Whether you’re a diehard pescetarian or just a seafood lover, you probably need some recipe ideas for fresh seafood. However, for someone intrigued by experimenting with new kinds of food, seafood can still be intimidating, especially when you are unsure of what you’re in for.

At Fresh Express Online, find yourself a delicious seafood lunch idea that you’ve never tried before. Here are 4 seafood recipe ideas you’d want to prepare:

  • Teriyaki Glazed Salmon

This easy baked Teriyaki Glazed Salmon recipe has the best sweet and tangy sauce! If you prefer shopping online, you can choose the premium salmon fillet or a smoked salmon hand sliced  at Fresh Express Online and prepare a healthy lunch from the comfort of your home. Coat with a homemade glaze featuring soy sauce, brown sugar, and honey and bake until flaky and tender. Served with rice and steamed veggies, this seafood dish makes for a nutritious meal.

  • Crispy Miso-Butter Fish With Asparagus

It’s hard to resist the lure of crispy anything. The quick-cooking fillets of fish available at Fresh Express Online can be slathered in a deeply flavorful combination of miso, butter, and panko, then broiled until the breadcrumbs form a toasty, golden crust.

Though chasing crunchy fish skin is a heartbreaking pursuit, the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the buttery panko on top will have you coming back for more. Using your preferred method of cooking fish can be as simple as leaving the skin on until the flesh cooks evenly without getting crisp. When it’s time to serve, lift the fish away from the skin and serve with your favourite carb.

  • The Shouldn’t-Be-This-Easy Seafood Boil

Once-a-year extravaganzas with a comically oversized pot and bushels of sea creatures would be a lot more manageable than a once-a-year event—and could happen a lot more often. Find the seafood of your choice at Fresh Express, ranging from Fresh Fish, Shellfish, Salmon, Squid & Octopus, Frozen Seafood, Organic Fish & Seafood and Japanese Seafood perfect for your seafood boil.

Seafood boils are quick to prepare and can even be packed with quick-cooking vegetables, like snow peas, broccolini, carrots, and fava beans. You may then serve the flavourful jus for lunch with white rice to soak up the flavour.

  • Brothy Coconut-Mustard Fish

Canned coconut milk and bottled yellow mustard transform into a lush, speedy, luxurious sauce for firm fish fillets. Visit Fresh Express Online to choose among the assortment of fresh fish you’d want for a wholesome lunch and have equal portions of roasted tofu, cauliflower, or sweet potato. You can substitute tiny creamy potatoes, canned chickpeas, or ruffles of shredded kale for the snappy green vegetables and make sure to adjust the cooking time.

To Conclude

The ultimate home cook’s food resource, Fresh Express Online offers the best-quality Seafood in Dubai, along with the most delicious seafood recipes to match every palate. If you are in Dubai or the Gulf region, head over to Fresh Express Online to select the freshest seafood, find a new recipe, and prepare a hearty meal in the comfort of your own home.

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